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Mazowieckie, Warszawa

ARROW RSC provides comfortable accommodation.

Our coordinators will be in contact with you all the time. We are engaged in obtaining TRC in Poland, free of charge

26.00 zł/h netto

Location: Warszawa

Work 10 -12 hours 5-6 days a week (minimum 220 per month)

The work consists of performing turning work at a construction site in accordance with drawings and technical requirements, manufacturing and processing of metal parts, chamfering pipes

Arrow RSC offers:

• salary 26 Zł/Netto/H

•  free workwear

• necessary professional training

•  stable salary until the 25th of each month

•  advance payment is possible after a week of work

• registration of cards at the expense of the employer

Arrow RSC offers the opportunity to:

•  Free accommodation in apartments and hostels.

•  Rooms for 2-4 people are equipped according to standards.

•  If you have your own home, the company pays you an additional 650 zł per month.

Requirements for a candidate:

• knowledge of Polish (spoken)


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